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Kanghua Group at a Glance
Since its commencement of operation in 2006, Kanghua Hospital has evolved into a leading private general hospital in the PRC. Our “Kanghua” brand is well recognised by both patients and the general healthcare industry as a quality healthcare service brand. We have also received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions for, among other categories, medical capability, service quality, reputation, trustworthiness and social and corporate responsibility.
Kanghua Hospital was the first private for-profit general hospital in the PRC rated as a Grade A Class III hospital, the highest classification for all hospitals in the PRC, having fulfilled a stringent set of criteria through its advanced medical capabilities, comprehensive service offerings, depth of specialisations, high standard of clinical governance, modern facilities and equipment and research and teaching capabilities;
Kanghua Hospital has pioneered the advanced treatments of many complex and rare diseases in Dongguan, particularly in the fields of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, O&G, general surgery, oncology, orthopaedics and plastic surgery. In particular, Kanghua Hospital completed the world’s first complete taTME surgery using NOTES as an advanced and experimental treatment of rectal cancer;
As at the Latest Practicable Date, Kanghua Hospital had (i) one National Key Clinical Discipline (國家臨床重點專科) in plastic surgery accredited by the NHFPC; (ii) three Guangdong Province Key Clinical Disciplines(廣東省臨床重點專科)in cardiology, general surgery and medical imaging, accredited by the Guangdong HFPC; and (iii) two Dongguan Special Disciplines (東莞市特色專科) in spine and joint surgery and thoracic surgery, accredited by the Dongguan HFPB;
Kanghua Hospital attained ISO15189 - “Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence” (醫學實驗室品質和能力的專用要求) accreditation from the CNAS in 2014 in recognition for its high quality and competence in medical laboratory diagnostics, allowing its test results to be recognised by international healthcare institution. Kanghua Hospital is the only hospital in Dongguan with such accreditation;
Kanghua Hospital excels in many healthcare disciplines. In terms of revenue in 2015, Kanghua had (i) the largest cardiology discipline; (ii) the largest O&G discipline; and (iii) the second largest orthopaedics discipline, respectively, all among private general hospitals in Southern China, according to Frost & Sullivan;
The diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy of Kanghua Hospital in gynaecology and general surgery have respectively attained a level 4 ranking (the highest level attainable) from the Guangdong HFPC in 2012 and 2014, allowing Kanghua Hospital to perform the most complicated endoscopic procedures in the respective specialties;
Kanghua Hospital fulfilled a stringent set of criteria set out in The Eligibility Criteria for Teaching Hospitals of General Tertiary Medical Academic Institutions in Guangdong Province (廣東省普通高等醫學院校教學醫院評審合格標準) and was accredited as a “Teaching Hospital” (教學醫院) by the Guangdong HFPC in January 2012;
Kanghua Hospital was awarded the first prize for hospital management (醫院管理一等獎) by the Dongguan HFPB in 2007;
The Chest Pain Centre of Kanghua Hospital provides emergency care to patients with acute and life-threatening cardiac conditions and is the only national-grade chest pain centre in Dongguan recognised by the China Chest Pain Centre (中國胸痛中心).
Kanghua Hospital is recognised by the PRC medical authorities as a “designated” hospital (定點醫院) under the following healthcare programs and services:

Social Insurance in Dongguan (東莞市社保定點醫院);
Social Insurance in Shenzhen (深圳社保定點醫院)
Health Assessment Services to Civil Servants (公務員定點體檢單位);
Health Assessment Services to Drivers (駕駛員定點體檢醫院);
Health Assessment Services to Students taking part in college entrance examination in Dongguan (高考生體檢醫院);
Treatment of Cataracts in Dongguan (東莞白內障定點救治醫院);
Treatment of leukaemia and congenital heart diseases for children in rural areas in Guangdong Province
      (廣東省農村兒童白血病和 先心病定點救治醫院);

Treatment of leukaemia and congenital heart diseases for insured children in Dongguan

Prevention of cervical cancer in the PRC (中國宮頸癌防治工程定點醫院).
Renkang Hospital is recognised as a “designated” hospital (定點醫院) under the following healthcare programmes and services:

social insurance in Dongguan (東莞市社保定點醫院);
emergency centre in the national emergency hotline “120” network (120急救中心);
prevention of cervical cancer in the PRC (中國宮頸癌防治工程定點醫院).