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Guangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co., Ltd. (“Kanghua Healthcare”) was incorporated in 2002. We operate the largest private for-profit general hospital in the PRC, Kanghua Hospital. Kanghua Hospital was also the first private for-profit general hospital in the PRC to attain a Grade A Class III rating, the highest rating attainable by hospitals in the PRC.

Kanghua Hospital offers a continuum of healthcare services to a diverse range of patients. In addition to Kanghua Hospital, we also operate Renkang Hospital, a private for-profit general hospital servicing the local communities. Located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, both hospitals complement each other through patient referrals, technical assistance, multi-site practices and research and teaching collaboration. As at 30 April 2016, Kanghua Hospital and Renkang Hospital had 2,006 and 480 registered beds, respectively. In June 2016, we also entered into a management agreement with respect to Zhonglian Cardiovascular Hospital, a specialty hospital in cardiovascular diseases under development in Chongqing and our first managed hospital and first presence outside of Guangdong Province.

Kanghua Healthcare excels in many healthcare disciplines. Kanghua Hospital has one National Key Clinical Discipline (國家臨床重點專科) in plastic surgery accredited by the NHFPC; three Guangdong Provincial Key Clinical Disciplines (廣東省臨床重點專科) in cardiology,

general surgery and medical imaging, respectively, accredited by the Guangdong HFPC; and two Dongguan Special Disciplines (東莞市特色專科) in spine and joint surgery and thoracic surgery, respectively, accredited by the Dongguan HFPB. Kanghua Hospital had, among private general hospitals in Southern China, (i) the largest cardiology discipline; (ii) the largest O&G discipline; and (iii) the second largest orthopaedics discipline, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Kanghua Healthcare owns strong brand recognition and competitive advantages in the Pearl River Delta Region, with capability to deliver a continuum of healthcare services through multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals and advanced medical facilities with excellence in multiple key disciplines. We have proven track record in operating the first private for-profit general Grade A Class III hospital in the PRC.

Our business focuses on providing a continuum of healthcare services to our patients through our multi-disciplinary private for-profit general hospitals. We will focus on expanding our healthcare services, including VIP healthcare services, high-end reproductive medicine, advanced oncology offerings, neurology offerings, high-end preventive healthcare services and holistic elderly care. We are committed to develop our network of hospitals, to continue to invest to maintain clinical excellence and to leverage our expertise to build our value and increase patient satisfaction. Guided by our motto“Empathic•Virtuous Medical Practice”(蒼生為念•厚德載醫) and based on the needs of patients, we are committed to providing medical services of high standard for the civilian population, and to contributing to improve the overall health level of the region.