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Kanghua Group at a Glance

We aim to strengthen our foothold as a leading private general hospital operator in Guangdong Province, to extend the range of our service offerings, to develop our network of hospitals, to continue to invest to maintain clinical excellence and to leverage our expertise to build our value and increase patient satisfaction.

Our Vision:

In accordance with the standards of Grade A Class III hospital, we strive to develop our hospitals as excellent private general hospital which is competitive in China, with humanistic care, scientific management, realistic innovation and high quality and efficiency. We aspire to become a centennial corporation (百年企業) with more than 30 hospitals and 15,000 beds and an influential presence throughout China and South East Asia.

Core Value:

We place a high priority on providing our patients with consistently high quality service and support,which is crucial to our long-term success. We provide patient care in an ethical manner, and at the best possible quality, taking into consideration patient safety, patients’ satisfaction and efficiency in providing our services. We continuously review our services and practices to ensure both quality and integrity are up to standards. In particular, the Medical Ethics Committee (醫學倫理委員會) is responsible for ensuring patients are treated fairly and ethically by our healthcare professionals and no excessive or unnecessary medical treatments are being pressured to the patients. As embodied in our motto “Empathic • Virtuous Medical Practice” (蒼生為念•厚德載醫), we adopt a humanitarian approach in treating all our patients, the well-being of whom form the core of our values.