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As encompassed in our motto “Empathic • Virtuous Medical Practice” (蒼生為念•厚德載醫), we regard social contribution as one of our core values. We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible private hospital operator. Our social contribution primarily takes the form of free or discounted medical assistance and education seminars.

We actively provide voluntary medical assistance directly to the unfortunate or underserved communities in society. For example, we have committed Kanghua Hospital towards an initiative of providing medical assistance to natural disaster relief efforts, orphans or children from families with limited means suffering from prevalent diseases such as cataract, cleft lip or palate (or harelip), leukaemia and congenital heart diseases. In particular, Kanghua Hospital is the designated hospital for the “Hope of Heart” project (心希望工程), which aims at treating children with congenital heart diseases in the Pearl River Delta Region. Since the inception of the “Hope of Heart” project from 2010 up to the Latest Practicable Date, Kanghua Hospital had provided medical assistance to over 300 children. This project is a substantial and meaningful undertaking that was recognised as one of the Top 10 Charitable Projects in Dongguan (東莞十大慈善項目) by the Dongguan Municipal Government in 2013. Since 2012, Kanghua Hospital has also provided medical assistance to over 400 cataract patients.

Targeted at the underserved communities in society, our hospitals also provide free consultancy, general examination, door-to-door follow up services and health education seminars on a monthly basis. Some of the charitable programmes our hospitals participate in are tangential to the promotion of our healthcare services. For example, Kanghua Hospital and Renkang Hospital regularly organise charitable programmes, including “Care for the Elderly” (關愛老人活動) for the promotion of geriatric services, “Health to a Thousand Companies” (健康進千企) for the promotion of hand and foot microsurgeries, “Care for the Children” (關愛兒童活動) for the promotion of paediatrics services, “Pink Ribbon” (粉紅絲帶活動) for the promotion of breast-related services and “Auditorium for Pregnant Women” (孕婦大講堂) for the promotion of O&G services.

In addition to voluntary medical assistance, we also aim to provide charitable donations to support disaster relief efforts from to time. In April 2013, Renkang Hospital organised a fund raising activity for the victims of the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake (四川雅安地震), pursuant to which Renkang Hospital and its staff collectively made a donation of approximately RMB0.5 million. Our social contribution efforts are highly regarded in the community and the healthcare sector. We believe such initiatives improve the lives of the underserved communities in society.