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Healthcare Services Overview
Cardiovascular Related Disciplines
Special Services
Other Activities and Functions

Our special services are high-end healthcare services that extend beyond basic medical services. We believe these services differentiate us as a high-end healthcare provider. On account of the increasingly diverse healthcare needs of our patients, we have begun to expand and ramp up our offerings of special services in recent years. Our special services feature a combination of highly skilled and qualified medical professionals, advanced medical technology and equipment and premium clinical environment.


1) VIP healthcare services
VIP obstetrics (VIP婦科)
VIP gynaecology (VIP產科)
VIP outpatient (VIP門診)

As part of our special services offerings, our hospitals offer premium VIP inpatient and outpatient services with a view to catering for the needs of the growing affluent population in the Pearl River Delta Region.

With priority in booking, payment, access to medical results and drugs, VIP outpatient services at our hospitals significantly shorten the waiting time and improve the overall patient experience. Adopting the “one patient, one doctor and one consulting room” approach, our VIP outpatient services provide personalised care specific to individual patient and significantly improve privacy. VIP suites at our hospitals are spacious and provide inpatients with highly private and comfortable accommodation for post-treatment recuperation. As at 30 April 2016, Kanghua Hospital and Renkang Hospital had approximately 100 and 15 beds in operation dedicated for VIP inpatients, respectively. We believe the quality of VIP services at Kanghua Hospital is unmatched in other public or private hospitals in Guangdong Province.

Kanghua Hospital’s outpatient VIP services are attended by highly qualified and experienced doctors (associate chief doctors or above) as well as over 50 renowned multi-site doctors and over 30 Hong Kong doctors providing consultancy services to our VIP patients from time to time. Furthermore, Kanghua Hospital features dedicated advanced facilities, such as the purpose-built Huaxin Building combining modern interiors, spacious accommodation and outstanding patient care, for VIP inpatients.

Huaxin Building has a design capacity to deploy up to 300 beds for VIP inpatients and is a one-stop medical facility offering a full suite of O&G services, including diagnosis, health assessment, newborn delivery, postnatal care, recuperation and a wellness regimen. Huaxin Building has luxurious hotel-standard accommodations, with standard, deluxe and presidential rooms and greenery views. Patients are able to enjoy a truly unique experience at Huaxin Building’s VIP suites served by a dedicated nursing station which is staffed 24 hours a day. VIP coordinators are on call 24 hours a day to assist VIP patients’ needs including security, visitor access, family overnight stay, catering and scheduling of appointments. On account of a wider mid- and high-end patient base, Kanghua Hospital offers more sophisticated VIP services on a larger scale than Renkang Hospital.


2) Reproductive medicine

Kanghua Hospital offers a comprehensive range of assisted reproductive services for couples with infertility disorders.


3) Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Kanghua Hospital and Renkang Hospital offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment options for all areas of the face and body.


4) Laser treatment

Kanghua Hospital offers advanced laser treatment and skin care services, including laser hair removal, acne treatment, acne scarring treatment, stretch marks treatment and pigmentation treatment.